(pn)LIVE brought to you by Unrefined Intellect, LLC

(pn)LIVE brought to you by Unrefined Intellect, LLC

 If you’re like me, you’re absolutely sick and tired of the term “networking” and what it connotes. Thousands of people over the years have shared with me that they dread networking and meet-and-greet events and experiences, and find it so “distasteful,” intimidating and inauthentic.”- Kathy Caprino, Contributor, Forbes

Eric Smith, CEO of Georgia-based Unrefined Intellect, LLC, couldn’t agree more. As a business professional, he also hated networking for very reasons mirroring the author’s sentiments in this Forbes Magazine article. His company felt it was about time to offer an alternative to traditional networking. So, he established a service offering entitled (ph)uck networking as an objective-focused platform to connecting people.  If sounded phonetically, (ph)uck networking, one could accurately understand exactly how he felt about this age-old means of connecting strangers in a room. This alternative platform sought to create a uniquely different experience and response to traditional, or instrumental networking, where making connections is an essential part in the advancement of career growth and business relationship building.

(ph)uck networking is also referred to as (pn) in its abbreviated form. (pn) is a service offering connecting business owners, consultants and investors to meet specific objectives. Therefore, every connection forged was designed to deliver on a specific business objective.

Born out of this offering is the event app, (pn)LIVE. The mobile app connects people at events based on their reason for being there, or their objective. The app identifies the event goers in the room and ask their reason for being there. It intends to deliver a value to event goers in an attempt to ensure they get what they came for while also connecting them with others who need what they offer: mutually-beneficial connections.

Whether an event goer’s objective is to identify opportunities, find prospects, recruit for a position or secure a viable lead, the app connects event goers with other registered attendees whose objectives match. (pn)LIVE reduces the awkwardness, discomfort and uneasiness that typically lives in an environment of complete strangers since the objectives to connect are clearly defined prior to connecting.

Since people are invited to connect based on what they have in common, it is easy to start a dialogue where the outcome has a greater probability of being mutually beneficial.

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