About (pn)LIVE

About (pn)LIVE

Introducing the mobile App, (pn)LIVE, brought to you by Unrefined Intellect, LLC. It connects event goers based on their status (who they are) and their objective (what they came to do). It then matches event goers to one another using a unique matching algorithm built within (pn)LIVE.

The app sends leads directly to each user of other event goers who downloaded the app and selected that event code where their objectives align and/or match. At which point, the event goer may choose to connect with the leads of other event goers in advance. A few things they may do include:

  • Introduce themselves,
  • Share credentials,
  • Ask for a call prior to the event,
  • Schedule a meet up during the event, or
  • Check out their LinkedIn profile to identify any connections in common.

These are helpful transactions to get the most out of event attendance. Through (pn)LIVE, event goers have additional access to target their conversations, limit unnecessary encounters and leave with the leads, opportunities and connections that are of value.

About Unrefined Intellect, LLC:

Unrefined Intellect, LLC is a Georgia-based consulting firm that delivers alternate ways of connecting people to resources for overall business success. Owner and CEO, Eric Smith, felt it was about time to offer an alternative to traditional networking because he, like many Americans, hated networking.

He established a service offering that pairs client members with service providers to deliver specific objectives leading to business success. Its objective-focused platform is what caused people to connect. The name he gave this service offering is (ph)uck networking, or (pn), which connected individuals to resources.

By design, (pn) asks individuals upfront who they are and what they need as part of its membership intake process. Then, invites members into an intentionally crafted room comprised of individuals whose objectives align. This intentional pairing of its members and resources causes all participants to feel their time was well spent, quality leads generated and real opportunities resulted.

Born out of this offering is the event app, (pn)LIVE, mobile app connecting people at events. To learn more, subscribe to our newsletter and be the first to download the free app when it launches. Coming soon.

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