Introducing (pn) LIVE: the mobile app connecting people at events. Its unique matching algorithm generates leads for event goers and gives them an opportunity to connect “live” with other event goers based on their profile status and objectives. Try it now. Free to download.

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Connect without regrets is our mantra. Ever attend an event and left feeling like it was a big waste of time and money? If so, then you know what we mean to regret your attendance.

This app is designed to help you positively connect with people based on who you are and what you offer. When matched, all you have to do is engage in a conversation – no more awkward sales pitches. Maximize the value of every event by leaving with an introduction, lead, potential recruit or opportunity. Always get a return on your investment when attending events. You will with (pn) LIVE.

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Access the guest list in advance.

Know before you go. Identify who to connect with before attending any event. Be intentional about who to give your time and where to spend it. Then, watch the results. You will learn that events serve as valuable platforms to create opportunities.

Shrink the Room. Shake the Right Hands.

The app takes a seemingly large event and filters through the list of attendees to generate targeted “matched” leads just for you. It causes you to shake the right hands. Connect and communicate ONLY with those of interest. ex. If there are 200 people in the room, you will know in advance which 5 people are most suitable to connect with based on what you came to do.

Time is Money. Save Both.

Save time. Save money. Spend less time meeting random strangers. Spend more time with those who need what you offer. With (pn) LIVE, you get to figuratively survey the room in advance – and pinpoint individuals to connect with using the app’s unique matching algorithm.

Get a Return on Investment.

Maximize value by connecting with those who need what you offer and want to connect with you. Leave events with introductions, leads, prospects and/or opportunities. The cost of event admission should be recouped by forging meaningful relationships or identifying fresh opportunities.

Connect Now!

It’s free to download (pn) LIVE. It will transform the way you connect at events. Every event will become platforms delivering your next opportunity. Find sales leads, jobs, talent and potential partners. Members have additional access to gain more access and forge stronger connections.

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Job Seekers
Job Seekers

Job Seekers

Discover opportunities. Connect with those hiring.

You need work. We've all been there. Since, you're already scheduled to attend an upcoming event, it makes sense to identify and connect with the hiring managers, consultants, business owners and recruiters in the room. Every event is filled with people who are there for different reasons. Be intentional about getting the attention of and time with decision makers who need what you offer.
Sales Professionals
Sales Professionals

Sales Professionals

Get leads. Connect with prospects.

It would be a mistake to attend another event without using the benefits and features of (pn) LIVE. At every professional event, local fair, corporate conference and industry trade show, you seek leads, prospects and clients. Get a leg up on the competition before the event takes place. Schedule time for a brief meetup with the app-generated leads in order to create "real" opportunities.


Find clients. Sell products and/or services.

Influencers, entrepreneurs, consultants and small business owners have a plethora of needs. However, due to concerns of budget, time and people resources, they are oftentimes limited. (pn) LIVE serves as a connector: "recruiter" and "salesperson." Let the app deliver a return on your investment. Connect with those whose skills you need. And, find those who need your business' service or products.
Hiring Managers
Hiring Managers

Hiring Managers

Discover Talent. Recruit in person at events.

If you're hiring, then you should be actively recruiting. If you're there anyway, put events to work for you. Intentionally set out to discover who is in the room and whether they are a good fit for your organizational need. Discover great talent. Be strategic in identifying skilled and diverse individuals at your next event with (pn) LIVE. Shrink every room to find those ready to fill your vacant positions.

Raise the bar

Stop networking, Start Connecting. Learn to connect smarter, better and differently. No need to walk into a room of complete strangers anymore. With (pn)LIVE, you have access to the guest list in advance, so you can connect with new people in a meaningful way prior to and during the event. Whether you’re looking for talent, a job, potential recruits, sales leads or a new opportunity – get what you came for using (pn)LIVE. Meet the right people at precisely the right time. Make events work for you.


Unlock the Benefits

Members unlock all of the benefits. It’s free to download (pn)LIVE. A-la-carte upgrades available. However, for only $10 per month, secure a membership to access all the benefits and features. If you attend events several times per week, month, quarter or year, this is a worthwhile investment.

The perfect tool when planning an event, too! If you are hosting your own event, have your guests download (pn) LIVE and begin the process of connecting them to one another.


Corporate Conferences
Industry Trade Shows
Professional Associations
Social Networking & Events


Engages event goers before, during and after events.


Identify leads and connect with prospects.


Connecting event goers with people who want to connect.

Return on Investment

(pn) LIVE ensures you get value from every event you attend.